Graphology at Home-lesson 27d-the Trait List N-R

Published: 02nd September 2008
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Neighborliness: Wide script with pressure, right slant with garlands, connected script, right tendencies in the middle zone.

Nervousness: Sudden changes in pressure, speed and size.
Neutrality: Upright script.


Observation: First stroke of r is higher than second; letter e is concave shaped, small script, undersized upper and lower zone but normal middle zone, disconnected script.

Obstinacy: Terminal strokes accentuated and hooked, heavy pressure, t-bars heavy and hooked.

Open-Mindedness: Garlands, irregularity, upright script.

Optimism: Ascending lines and t-bars, high placed i dos, firm strokes, wide and right slanting script, orderliness, even margins, regular script with even distribution of spaces.

Originality: Tasteful ornamentation, simplification, legible deviation from the copybook.


Passion: Heavy strokes, pastiness, angles, large script, right slant.

Patience: Exactly placed i dots and t-bars, slowness, curves.

Perception: Rather fast small script, good vertical spacing, placing of i dots and t-bars does not cause letter connection to be broken.

Perseverance: Horizontal straight lines, angles, hooks.

Pessimism: Descending lines, weak pressure, weak i dots and t-bars.

Poise: Vertical slant, garlands, arcades, regular script.

Possessiveness: Left tending enrollments, enrollments of capitals, enrollments of initials.

Practicality: Curbed extensions in the upper zone, short terminal strokes, exaggerated extension in the lower zone, curtailed extension in the upper zone, narrow margins, narrow spacing between words.

Precaution: Narrowing left margin, wide right margin, left slant.

Pride: large script, oversized capitals and signature, much underlining, wide left margin, upright script, four exact margins, ornamentation.

Procrastination:i dots and t-bars placed to left of stroke, rather slow.

Progressiveness: Right tending movement, absence of left tending movement, right slant, high placed i dots and t-bars, speed, ascending lines.

Prudence: Low placed and carefully placed i dots, t-bars, slowness, upright or left slanting script, narrowing left margin, wide right margin.


Quaintness: Deviation from the copy book, ornamentation, much underlining, exaggerations of all kinds, especially of capitals, signature, punctuation.

Querulousness: Sharp script, angular script with pressure, hooks.


Radicalism: Right slant, rising lines, very highly placed i dots and t-bars, absence of left tending movements.

Rationality: Upright script, leanness in the upper zone, simplification, straight lines, firm t-bars, low placed i dots.

Realism: Leanness in the lower zone, Predominance in the lower zone, small script in combination with regularity.

Reasoning: Connected script.

Receptivity: High pressure in combination with an irregular script.

Reserve: Arcades, left tendencies and movements, wide right margin, wide lower margin, upright script, narrow script with pressure.

Resistance: High pressure with regularity, angles, hooks, firm and falling t-bars.

Resoluteness:i dots and t-bars placed heavy and firm, accentuated by hooks, rather fast script.

Respectfulness: Low placed t-bars, simplification, small script, first stroke of m and w smaller than other strokes.

Restraint: Angular script, left slant, small script, regularity.

This concludes list N-R.

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