Graphology at Home-lesson 14i-the Letters P-R

Published: 08th September 2008
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Graphological analysis of the letters P-R


• Imagine the stroke without the hump, and can only be read as the letter 'p' by seeing the entire word. This indicates neglectfulness and impatience, possibly forgetfulness, and the speed with which it is written implies liveliness.

• When two straight, simple and fast short lines form an angle at the top and 'hint' of a 'p', they often show the quick, brilliant mind, able to solve puzzles rapidly. When simplified writing is combined with quick writing, it is a sign of superior intelligence.

• The letter 'p' may look as if it were wearing a top hat. Since this structure reaches into the upper zone, we see an inspirational, idealistic personality.

• When we see the hump on the wrong side of the stem, we obviously have a writer with unusual habits. He is often shy; he places the hump where he feels people won't see it and thus avoids the limelight.

• The letter may be written on a base, a pedestal. This shows artistic taste and also draws attention to what the writer has in mind. The base makes the letter into a "drawing," but since it (he feels) is not properly part of the letter, it also indicates a certain degree of falseness in the writer. And, not being necessary, it shows affectation.


• The Q, excluding the diagonal bar, has the same interpretation as that of the o (without this bar, it is an o). But it is useful to notice changes in pressure in the diagonal bar itself. In most cases, the writer usually lifts his hand and writes the bar as a separate stroke.

• Consider the diagonal bar (of the 'Q') written in much heavier pressure than the body of the letter. As we have seen, heavy pressure shows brutality. Here, it's like a club that is being held over someone's head.


• Picture the letter ('r') with two loops. Loops show vanity and here indicate an attempt to inflate the writer's image by adding unnecessary extras, as if he were saying, "There is more to me than just this." Two loops hint that the vanity has affected the writer's thinking, perhaps prejudicing it.

• The second part of the letter ('r') may be lower than the first. This shows curiosity-the first part seems to be looking over the shoulder of the other part. Very often, where this shape of letter occurs, the i dot is correspondingly offset as if it too wanted to see what was happening.

• When this letter looks like a round blob, it is an unimpressive way of being written. This shows the lazy individual, perhaps a dullard, and since it hasn't a hint of an angle, he possesses no aggressiveness whatsoever.

• The written letter 'r' may show strong visual qualities. It resembles the frame of a pair of glasses, its two top points being the eyes. Many people whose eyes are a major factor in their occupation, such as painters, designers, interior decorators (even graphologists), write this broad-structured letter. It also appears often in the writings of people who are considered fancy dressers. The two top parts of the letter can be seen as shoulders and the bottom strokes as perhaps a cape or stole.

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