Graphology at Home - Lesson 14c - the Letters B and C

Published: 08th September 2008
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Graphological analysis of the letters b and c


Imagine the stroke that extends upward. It shows one, who is willing to undertake a new project of some kind, though it may be risky. The upstroke appears to be pointing to the heavens, to outer space.

• The constant changes in a letter indicate a hypochondriac. He always feels that there is something wrong with him. Whatever he does is not good enough, and he returns and changes the letter repeatedly.

• Consider the complicated, overdone, ugly letter; this shows vulgarity-one who is loud, corresponding to the gaudy letter he produces. He will often be pedantic about trivial details.

• Picture the letter that has a sharp top. When a particular part of a letter should be round and instead is pointed, as if it were a knife, we see resentment.

• When the pointed (or angular) shape is at the bottom of a letter that would ordinarily be round, it indicates resentment. In addition, here is a piercing, sharp personality, bent on getting his own way. The angular shape reveals hardness and rigidity, especially when it dips into the lower (physical) zone for some strength.

• When there is a combination of these writings, sharp at the top as well as at the bottom, it thus shows the same traits. There is no way out, since both sides are angular also; hence, we see a person who will not compromise.

• Imagine the round beginning stroke. This shows talkativeness in the writer, plus a sense of humor. This extra beginning stroke was not necessary, but it was as if the writer had to tell something to somebody-pull someone over to whisper in his ear.

• When the end stroke ascends to the upper zone, it shows imagination and high-mindedness. Many poets write this hand.

• The hooked letter, which is also angular, shows stubbornness. As we know, hooks hold on to something: they do not want to let go.


• Consider the script of the following ©: the beginning stroke is in, then, down, around, and over. This personality seems to be always computing something. The writer may be in trouble, but he persists and gets out of it. The shape itself looks like a side view of the human brain.

• Picture the angularly shaped letter ©; this shows what an angular shape represents; speed. The writer is quick and usually more intelligent than the round (arcade) writer, so we see intelligence.

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